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Absolute Right is a brand name that conveys:



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in an easily recognisable  phrase that is used by those in government,  the media, many in the public eye and by the populace on countless occasions every day. Keying the phrase into the Google or BBC search engines produces hundreds of thousands of hits.

It is difficult to listen to any TV or radio programme or interview without the words appearing.

In the course of the trademark registration in classes 16, 25, 36 and 42 of the ICGS stiff opposition from the owners of the Absolut vodka mark was overcome. The widespread and extensive usage of the word and phrase in everyday dialogue was perceived as a means of product promotion by the owners of Absolut.

If that is so in the abstract, the phrase Absolute Right has far greater recognition potential due to its regular media use .

The mark Absolute Right , the URL www.absoluteright.com (and derivatives) and Absolutely Right Limited  together comprise a marketing vehicle of massive recognition potential that ranks alongside the likes of Direct Line and More Th<n.

In the current era marking the diversification of Legal Sevices and involving banks, insurers, supermarkets and motoring organisations, an effective brand will be essential to the success of any initiative.

A name that constantly appears in the media from the mouths of the great and good, famous and infamous cannot help but achieve significant market awareness and penetration.

Hence the opportunity to get it Absolutely Right.